June 212 Newsletter

The next SKYWARN meeting is 19-Jun @ 7:00 PM, the third Tuesday of the month.

Wireless Emergency Alerts From Multiple Sources
Most cell phone users should start seeing Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) on their phones. A WEA is a text message up to 90 charecters long issued to cell phones within a geographic area. A WEA may be issued for an emergency Presidential message, Imminent Threat (threat to life or property), or AMBER Alert. The system identifies cell phones within range of cell phone towers within the targeted area. You will not receive messages if you are out of the targeted area.

Not all cell phones are WEA capable. You need to check with your wireless provider to determine if your existing phone is capable of receiving these new alerts. Cell phones capable of WEA are automatically enrolled to receive these messages, even if you block text messages to your phone. You may opt out of Imminent Danger and Amber Alerts, but you may not opt out of Presidential Alerts. You may not receive messages if you are using the cell phone in a voice or data mode when the message is transmitted from the cell phone tower.

Tornado Helmet From Multiple Sources
Most fatalities during a tornado occur when a person is hit by flying debris. Most tornado experts will tell you to go to a protected area away from exterior walls and windows, and cover your head. Recommendations are being made to keep helmets (and wear them) in your tornado shelter location. Bicycle, motorcycle, and football helmets are used as examples. These types also have straps that secure the helmets to your head, to minimize the risk of them being blown off your head.

Super Moon From Multiple Sources
May brought us a "Super Moon" on 05-May. This occurs when the full moon occurs when the distance between the moon and earth is the closest (perigee). Since the moon orbits on an elliptical path, the distance between the moon and earth can vary by 50,000 km. The moon appears 14% larger and 30% brighter. This appears to be enhanced when the moon is just coming over the horizon.

Strawberry Moon From Multiple Sources
The full moon on 04-Jun will be referred to the Stawberry Moon. The name is attributed to the Algonquin tribe as an indication that it is time to harvest strawberries. The western United States may catch a minimal partial eclipse before dawn. The Strawberry Moon this year will also exhibit a partial lunar eclipse just before moonset.

Venus Transit From Multiple Sources
This is not a new bus line operating in Steele County. The Venus transit is the planet Venus crossing the sun. This may be viewed for the last time this century on 06-Jun. It will generally be viewable in the early evening through sunset. All of this being said, NEVER look directly at the Sun.

St. Medard's Day From Multiple Sources
St. Medard's Day is celebrated in France on marked on 08-Jun. St. Medard was a bishop in the 6th Century and is the patron saint protecting against bad weather. Legend is he gave a horse to a peasant. A significant downpour immediately followed. An eagle spread its wings to keep St. Medard dry durign the rain. The weather on St. medard's day is believed to continue for the forty days following.

L'Iris d'Or Award From Multiple Sources
A photographer was awarded L'Iris d'Or photographer of the year at the 2012 Sony world photography awards. The Sony World Photography Awards is widely recognised as the leading global photographic awards program. A gallery of the pictures can be viewed at World Photo.

Puddle Page From WeatherTalk
Greg Spoden from the State Climatology Office published the "Puddle Page". The page is a collection of links for viewing maps, graphics and text associated with recent MN rainfall events.

Target Field From Multiple Sources
Target Field is one of the first Major League Baseball field declared a StormReady facility. This doesn't mean it will withstand a tornado. A StormReady faciltiy must have:

  • A 24-hr warning point and emergency operations center.
  • A formal hazardous weather plan utilizing weather spotters.
  • Multiple methods to receive severe weather forecasts and warning updates.
  • Monitors weather conditions continuously.
  • Promotes public readiness.

Other stadiums with the StormReady designation include Denver Coors Field, Cincinnati Reds' Great American Ballpark, and the St. Louis Cardinals' Busch Stadium.

Wind Turbine Effect From Multiple Sources
NASA's Terra and Aqua satellites provide temperature measurements down to roughly 3/8 square mile resolution. Data from the satellites was used to look at land temperatures around wind turbines in west-central Texas. Temperatures in the immediate vicinity of wind turbines were found to be about 1F warmer than surrounding areas. The thought process is the spinning blades mix the cooler air near the ground with the slightly warmer air above. The effect is more pronounced at night.

Term For The Month From Multiple Sources
This word is used by both geologists and meteorologists. Derived from the Latin root word "fulgur", meaning lightning. Fulgurites are tubes formed when lightning instantaneously melts silica, resulting in grains of silica fusing together. Tubes can be several centimeters in diameter, and several meters long. The material is very thin and fragile, making them very difficult to recover in one piece when dug up.

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