October 212 Newsletter

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TIV at Science Museum and State Fair From Autumn G
I found the opportunity, through facebook, for a chance to help out the Science Museum of Minnesota. They were looking for volunteers to help out at the MN State Fair at the FOX 9 booth, where the TIV (Tornado Intercept Vehicle) from the Discovery Channel show Storm Chasers would be throughout the fair to help advertise for Tornado Alley, the IMAX film that Sean Casey has worked on, which is starting September 28, 2012, at the Science Museum. They were looking for weather people to help talk not only about the film, but about storms and storm chasing. I volunteered, and ended up working on one of the days that Brandon Ivey, the meteorologist from Sean's team, would be there as well. Myself and Brian Dallmann both volunteered.

I arrived before Brandon, so I had a chance to check out the TIV, and talk to a few people. Once he arrived, I introduced myself, and Brandon and I had fun talking weather through the morning. He told me that he found it was better to wait for people to approach you than to try and approach people. Some people just wanted to read the sign on the side of the TIV, or just wanted to look. Others were quite interested and mostly approached him, but I was able to answer some questions as well. I learned a lot about their team, the TIV, and the movie itself. Thank you to the Science Museum of Minnesota and to Brandon Ivey for the wonderful opportunity!

The next weekend I received an e-mail from the Science Museum of Minnesota that I had won a ride on the TIV! I had signed up for a drawing on their website, never thinking I'd win. The TIV was doing a regional tour around MN (and SW WI) to promote Tornado Alley at the Science Museum. They were giving away 3 rides, in Mankato, St. Cloud and Duluth, and I won the one in Mankato! I was so excited! With the ride I also received tickets to the movie. (We had a drawing at the Skywarn meeting on September 18th, and Jeremy Bauer won them. Congrats Jeremy!!) When I arrived at Mankato State University, where was to meet the people from the Science Museum and Brandon Ivey in the TIV, I was amazed how much they put into this! It was fantastic! They got a kick out of the fact that I had volunteered at the fair, and ended up winning the ride. It was perfect! We went for our ride right away and it was awesome! We rode with the doors open, and it was windy. It wasn't as loud as I thought it would be, and the ride was really smooth (I'm told it's bouncierwhen the gas tank is near empty). When we got back to campus, KEYC news was there out of Mankato. I was thinking I'd probably have may picture taken by the museum, but never an interview on the news! It was pretty intimidating, but a lot of fun.

I'm so glad to be a part of Steele County Skywarn, which has opened doors to me to be able to volunteer and meet new people!

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Blue Moon From Multiple Sources
The past 12 months of the Newsletter took us through the common names for the full moon for that month. We end the series with a definition for the Blue Moon. The third full moon in a season with four full moons is called a blue moon, as described in the Maine Farmers' Almanac. Until recently it was commonly misunderstood that the second full moon in a month was the blue moon. However, it was recently discovered by Sky & Telescope magazine and reported on NPR that the interpretation of a blue moon as the second full moon of the month was erroneously reported in an issue of Sky & Telescope dating back to 1946 and then perpetuated by other media.

Seasonal Clouds From WeatherTalk MPR listener question: Are the clouds in winter different from the clouds in summer? They seem to me to be different but I am suspicious that my attitude is clouding (pun intended) my vision. In summer clouds appear to me to be beautiful but in winter they appear to be threatening. Answer: The mixing depth of the atmosphere changes with the seasons and affects cloud formation significantly. During the winter, long nights/short days, we tend to see more layered cloud forms (stratoform), with low ceilings, and little light penetration. During spring, summer, and fall the mixing depth is greater and we see more vertical cloud forms, with a much wider array of shapes and cloud elevations. The sun angle is higher, days are longer and we get many different perspectives on the illumination of the cloud forms, making for magnificent viewing of the sky. Almost any kind of cloud form is possible to see in Minnesota during these seasons. Clouds can be equally threatening in all seasons of the year. Certainly during the current season when we see wall clouds, squall lines, or massive cumulonimbus clouds we should feel threatened by severe weather. If you want to gain a broader perspective on all cloud forms, I would encourage you to visit the Cloud Appreciation Society web page:

Term For The Month From Multiple SOurces
"Anemos" is a Greek word for wind. This word refers to a chronic fear of air, wind, or air drafts. As with any phobia, the symptoms vary by person depending on their level of fear. Symptoms can include extreme anxiety, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, and excessive sweating. Windy days can certainly be difficult to cope with. The National Weather Service issues wind advisories when winds are expected to reach 30 mph.

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