December 212 Newsletter

The next SKYWARN meeting is 18-Dec @ 7:00 PM, the third Tuesday of the month.

NWS SKYWARN Appreciation
SKYWARN Recognition Day is co-sponsored by the ARRL and the National Weather Service (NWS) as a way to recognize the commitment made by Amateur Radio operators in helping to keep their communities safe. The event is scheduled for 01-Dec from 0000z to 2400z. Additional information can be found at NWS.

SKYWARN Breakfast
The SKYWARN Breakfast Fundraiser is 09-Dec at the Owatonna VFW. This is a shared event with the Steele County Deputies. SKYWARN receives a donation based on the number of advance sale tickets sold by SKYWARN. Advance sale tickets can be picked up from Bonnie at the Owatonna Fire Department (Mon-Fri) between 8:00 and 4:30. There will be a prize (yet to be determined) for the top seller. Unused tickets/cash/checks need to be returned no later then COB 07-Dec (Friday).

Volunteers are needed that morning to bus tables, hand out juice/pancakes, etc. Volunteers can just show up for one of two shifts: 8AM-10AM or 10AM to 12:00. Volunteers should wear Skywarn shirts if they have them.

CERT Class
CERT announced the 2013 class schedule. It will begin 05-Jan and continue through 07-Feb. Classes are held on alternating Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Contact the Owatonna Fire Department for additional information or sign up. The skills learned during the CERT training could be useful after a severe weather event. SKYWARN spotters may be the first individuals that arrive at a scene where immediate aid needs to be administered.

MN Storm Chasing Convention
The MN Storm Chasing Convention is 26-Jan. Registration is open and tickets went fast last year! It's a fun event, with helpful information, different than the MN Skywarn Workshop. See link for details or let Autumn know if you have any questions at 507-456-1756.

Amateur Radio Class
OSCAR announced the 2013 edition of the Amateur Radio License Class, scheduled to start 19-Feb. Successful completion will provide indiviuals the knowledge to pass the exam for the Technician Class license on 14-Mar. Final details are still in process of being completed. Look for additional information on the OSCAR web site.

The new 800MHz radios were used successfully by SKYWARN in the drill last October. This does not make Amateur Radio obsolete for SKYWARN. There is not enough 800MHz radio equipment to go around. The 800 MHz equipment may not be available if there are multiple situations. Any radio system that relies on an infratructure is subject to failure. Amateur Radio continues to be the communication method used "When All Else Fails".

SKYWARN Spotter Class
The SpotterClass is scheduled for 19-Mar, as part of the regularly scheduled SKYWARN meeting.

Spotter Updates
Autmn G. continues to scrub the list of active spotters. Send a note to if you have not been contacted by Autumn.

The members photo page was updated based on information provided by Autumn. Likewise, send a note to if you would like to have your photo added or deleted.

November Tornadoes From Multiple Sources
The weekend of 10-Nov was full of surprises with record high temperatures at MSP, followed by four tornadoes that night, and finally snow to add insult. Rare November tornadoes were documented in 16-Nov-1931, 02-Nov-1938, and 01-Nov-2000. Pictures and storm tracks can be wiewed at Minneapolis NWS.

Climate Trivia From WeatherTalk
According to Pete Boulay of the Minnesota State Climatology Office for many southern climate stations in Minnesota, including the Twin Cities and Rochester this year produced a climate anomaly worth noting. For the first time in history the average temperature for March (2012) was warmer than the average temperature for October (2012). This is a statistical singularity, but with changes in the extent of polar ice, and changing upper air patterns over North America perhaps this will happen again.

Term For The Month From Multiple Sources
From the Greek "actino" meaning ray of light and "meter" meaning to measure. This is the general name for an instrument which measures the intensity of radiant energy, particularly that coming from the sun. There are at least three types: a pyroheliometer measures direct solar radiation; a pyranometer measures global radiation (the combined energy of direct and diffuse radiation); and a pyrgeometermeasures terrestrial radiation (longer wave radiant energy emitted by the Earth to space).

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