January 213 Newsletter

The next SKYWARN meeting is 15-Jan @ 7:00 PM, the third Tuesday of the month.

Training Opportunities
Several educational opportunites are coming up for CERT, Amateur Radio, and SKYWARN. Check the December Newsletter for details.

SKYWARN Breakfast
It was a very successful fundraising breakfast. Not only did Steele County SKYWARN raise $450, but we had a great opportunity to increase awareness within the community. Once again, the prize for top ticket sales goes to Tim Van Engelenhoven who sold 42 tickets. Second place was Bob Rinaldi with 26. Thanks to everyone that helped serve at the breakfast. Thank you to the Special Deputies who have allowed us to share their fund raiser. And a special thank you to the VFW for hosting this event.

Winter Hazard Messages From NWS
Are you confused about our terms "Watch," "Warning" and "Advisory"? NWS wants your feedback this winter season on a proposed alternative to communicating winter hazard messages. The goal of this demonstration is to explore how we can simplify and clarify our messages to improve public understanding. We will create live examples of alternative messages throughout the winter for your comment. See the complete description of the proposals for your review and comments.

Snow Detection From Multiple Sources
Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) is a team of scientists working on precipitation calculations by satellite. A satellite is scheduled for launch in 2014 is expected to provide worldwide observations of rain and snow evry three hours. A microwave radiometer will be used to detect rain vs. snow based on the response to different frequencies. The radiometer measurements distinguish liquid from ice and tell how much water the clouds hold with the vertical details provided by the radar. They hope to see what mixture of particles are falling to the ground, or if a snowflake makes it all the way to the ground at all.

MN Snow Depth From WeatherTalk
What was the greatest depth of snow recorded for Minnesota? The snow depth was 75 inches near Pigeon River Bridge, MN. This measurement was made in March, 1950. For the metro area, a 38 inch snow depth was recorded in January, 1982.

Term For The Month From Several Sources
The is a term generally used in the context of geology. Saltation refers to the transportion of particles by high velocity fluids such as wind or water. The movement is determined by the velocity of the wind or water and the size of the particles. The higher velocities may provide enough force to lift particles off the surface. The movement may be a series of leaps or jumps as opposed a a continuous movement. We can experience the effect by watching drifting snow or sand. If the particles are small enough and the wind high enough, the particles would be lifted higher and continuously. This experience would be referred to as "suspension".

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